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Mula – Zellega (Original Mix) [Sol Selectas]

The Summer Sol III compilation from Sol Selecta is a collection of 30 musical stories of Summer. We gathered over 35 artists, from 22 different countries, to bring us these original tracks, with lyrics in 8 different languages. Each song brings the unique cultural backgrounds of the individual artists to the table, and fuses it with contemporary rhythms, to create a diverse spectrum of audio delights.
We have many of our old friends; Nico Stojan, Sabo, Canson, Armen Miran & Hraach, Eduardo Castillo, Birds of Mind, Kincaid, and Amentia, together alongside new artists on the label for the 1st time. We welcome Ali Kuru from Turkey, Hot Oasis from Egypt, Raidho from Poland, Gabriel
Belmudes from Brazil, Elfenberg from Sweden, Juan from Germany, Fatoumata from France, and many more…With this project, we aim to break down all the borders and walls of separation. Through music,
we are uniting together and becoming one, in the spirit of dance, and the celebration of life.
The artwork by Helia Jamali invites you to open up your channels, let the sun shine through, and light up your Sol.

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